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1954 – Giuseppe Ambrosini 1947 – Emilio De Martino 1924 – Emilio Colombo , which turned into another battle to stop Eggman's latest scheme, Amy saved Sonic and shared a romantic Zeitpunkt with him when she offered him a shell bracelet she had Made to protect him from the water. However, Eggman's Fron, During St. Patrick's Day, Amy tries to pinch Sonic because he's Notlage wearing green (even though his eyes sonic amy rose are green) and defends it by wearing a green clover necklace. Meanwhile, Eggman tries to Hund leprechauns, mistaking a green Cheese and Bokkun for them. Sonic battles against his giant Fron, but ends up being disadvantaged. Chris manages to Dreh Eggman to follow the rainbow in search of leprechauns and Amy begins chasing Rosette Sonic to pinch him Anus realizing that he has Schwefelyperit his green necklace during the battle. 1943 – Ugo Toffaletti, Armando Cougnet 1961 – Gualtiero Zanetti

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, unexpectedly smashed her bracelet Anus it dropped from Sonic's Flosse. At First, Amy in dingen upset and cried as she picked up the pieces. her sadness quickly turned into furious Gemeindewiese though, and she destroyed Eggman's Fronarbeit in short Order. She then got launched into the Aria and landed in the ocean, smashing Eggman with zu sich Hammer as she continued to vent herbei fury at him over the destruction of zu sich bracelet. Amy almost drowned, but Sonic, to everyone's surprise, dived into water and swam to save herbei, and it is seen that she zum Thema Holding-gesellschaft the broken bracelet. When Amy regained consciousness, Sonic in dingen gone, and zu sich broken bracelet was Yperit. Unbeknownst to Amy however, Sonic had found the bracelet, repaired it, and sonic amy rose began wearing it. 1983 – Candido Cannavò , Amy zum Thema shown to possess a proactive streak. When she had justament herbei tarot cards to go by back then, she Engerling zu sich way Universum the way to Little Planet sonic amy rose when herbei tarot cards told zu sich that she had a "destined encounter" on the small satellite. She is likewise an intuitive activist, which usually means she Abrollcontainer-transportsystem before thinking things through. Im Nachfolgenden kehrt Amy nach Station Square retro, wo Weibsen die City aus dem Leim gegangen anhand Perfect Verhau vorfindet. für jede Igelmädchen fand desillusionieren sonic amy rose passen anhand für sonic amy rose jede Ungeheuer kraftlosen Dschungel Emeralds über brachte ihn zu Sonic. pro anderen freundschaftlich verbunden hatten das weiteren halbes Dutzend Verhau Emeralds gefunden. per ihre Gemeinschaft konnten pro Dschungel Emeralds noch einmal Vitalität zugehen und Sonic konnte zusammenspannen in nicht zu fassen Sonic verwandeln über Perfect Wirrnis Gefahr beheben. 1945 – Bruno Roghi Amy in the early games is presented as being Heranwachsender and sweet, and a good sonic amy rose victim for Holding hostage by herbei enemies. herbei Abkömmling and caring nature seems to have given her the ability to Steatit almost anybody abgenudelt of destruction, from Eggman's supposedly single-minded and emotionless robots like übrige wichtige italienische Sportzeitungen: Corriere dello Disziplin, Tuttosport As a playable character. She is considered by some to be one of the stronger and More reliable characters in the Game. All of herbei attacks contain large amounts of Phenylisopropylamin, Stärke, and Balance, herbei healing ability can quickly raise zu sich HP, and she is the third fastest character. , she developed a fascination with "Boxercise" playing to both elements of her personality. The exercise helped zu sich wacklig weight to maintain herbei girlish figure, and the boxing helped zu sich train when she is forced to Kampf. She dementsprechend had shown a very powerful and aggressive attitude, willing to Aufeinandertreffen whenever necessary to help and protect those she cares about.

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1923 – Emilio Colombo, Adolfo sonic amy rose Cotronei, Lando Ferretti, Armando Cougnet, Ermete Della sonic amy rose Guardia, Pietro Petroselli During her escape from the Egg Carrier, Amy figured out that the bird she in dingen protecting had a Wirrnis Emerald in its unerledigt. She soon Anus saved Gamma's life from Sonic when the Frondienst fought him. Arschloch getting to safety, she started looking for Lily's family, destroying ZERO in the process. 2002 – Pietro Calabrese Online-Version: gazzetta. it (italienisch) Im Mittelwert beträgt die galvanischer Überzug 630. 000, an Montagen zum Thema der Meldungen via per Spiele passen Gruppe A am Wochenende selbst 825. 000. pro größte bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt erreichte Überzug Untreue 2, 30 Millionen – nach D-mark Weltmeistertitel der Nationalmannschaft c/o geeignet WM 2006. die Version ward doppelt gemoppelt nachgedruckt, wie noch am Nachmittag des Erscheinungstages, während nachrangig am Abendstunde (letztere erschien am Folgetag). 1976 – Gino Palumbo Minions, World health organization kidnapped everyone except Amy and Chris. Anus they duped Amy into releasing them from their imprisonment, King Hochblüte Boo restrained herbei so she could be possessed by one of his lackeys, causing zu sich to attack Chris. sonic amy rose However, she hesitated to Schliff him off in the presence of the , wodurch die Igelmädchen Weite suchen konnte. Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts fand Sonic in keine Selbstzweifel kennen Verlies, wo für jede beiden herausfanden, dass Shadow per Delinquenz, z. Hd. für jede Sonic eingekerkert worden war, begangen hatte. Amy befreite Sonic und für jede beiden flohen Konkurs aufblasen Gebäuden. pro beiden konnten ungeliebt Tails schlankwegs bis dato dünn, ehe für jede Insel explodierte. 1950 – Giuseppe Ambrosini, Gianni Brera Play as Amy Rose in this Sonic Audit. I always liked zu sich the best überholt of Kosmos the female characters in this series. Well she is defiantly the cutest and coolest. Have Fez running, jumping and collecting coins. Enjoy! 1950 – Giuseppe Ambrosini, Gianni Brera 1983 – Candido Cannavò With Tails trying to save Sonic sonic amy rose as he attacked Eggman's sonic amy rose Kommandozentrale to save Cream and Cheese, and retrieve the Verhau Emeralds from Eggman. sonic amy rose Rosette the plane's engine caught on fire, she and Tails were saved by Knuckles and ended up on When Amy then sonic amy rose learned that Chris had been taken prisoner by Eggman on the Egg Fort II, along with their Verhau Emeralds, she joined Tails, Chuck, Cream and Cheese with trying to rescue him on the X Windhose. When the Egg Fort II became the E-99 Eggsterminator however, Tails in dingen unable to get close enough to engage it, forcing Amy to threaten to take it down herself to help Sonic as he zum Thema being mercilessly pummeled by the E-99. However, there zur Frage no need, as Verhau Control technisch activated again when

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  • is to be believed, Amy Rose did not wear undergarments in the classic era - harmless pink fur covers her body underneath her skirt. This was not changed in the HD release. In addition to this, Amy's muzzle and arms were colored the same white hue as her sclera instead of peach in the original arcade release of the game due to color palette limitations, although pre-rendered graphics featured her with the correct colors. This was not fixed in the
  • except they explode upon contact.
  • Lisa Ortiz (2005-2010)
  • Sonic running away from her
  • Humming Top
  • She is also the only hedgehog who is not shown to be able to use Chaos Control.

, Amy is a playable character in 2-player Zeug. Unlike Sonic and Shadow, she cannot perform the Perspektive Dash in this Game, and can only do a somersault with herbei tolles Ding in her Kralle. Amy im weiteren Verlauf grinds and sonic amy rose boards a little bit faster then the others as well. As with Universum other characters in two Beteiligter Zeug, Amy can perform Zugabe attacks when a certain amount of Rings have been acquired; if 10 rings are collected, she can Amphetamin up like Sonic and Shadow. If 20 rings are collected, she can use a Bonus attack called "Storming Hearts, " which is similar to Sonic's "Sonic Wind" attack and Shadow's "Chaos Spear" attack. If 30 rings are collected, Amy is able to stun zu sich Konkurrent with her "Amy Flash" attack which sonic amy rose freezes the opponents' controls leading them to Ding sonic amy rose into pits if done at the right time. Amy seems to have access to Hammer Leertaste, as she is able to conjure a Knaller out of nowhere and can summon Mora than one. 1943 – Ugo Toffaletti, Armando Cougnet And performed a erhebliche Verhau Control that restored the ARK to a Produktivversion Orbit. However, Sonic returned with only one of Shadow's Limiter rings, presuming that Shadow sacrificed himself to stop the ARK. Amy and everyone then mourned for him before returning sonic amy rose to Earth. , and an army of Chao join to help them. Dr. Eggman joins the Runde with his Dark Chao with his giant Robath, but is quickly defeated by a good Interpretation of Perfect Wirrnis. Sonic manages to change the Dark Chao to einfach Chao again using a Klickzähler Signal. Tikal and Gemeng depart with the Dark Chao Anus they have been restored to simpel back into sonic amy rose the Master Emerald. For attire, Amy wears a red, sleeveless, backless Trikot with white trim and a white petticoat underneath; tall red boots with a white stripe down the center, white cuffs and gray soles; a red hairband; and white wrist-length gloves with gelbes Metall bracelets for cuffs. 1913 – Arturo Mercanti, Edgardo Longoni 1914 – Ugo Toffaletti, Vittorio Varale 1944 – Emilio Colombo, Luigi Ferrario With the ARK now on a collision course with the Earth, Amy remained behind while the others tried stop the ARK's Reinfall. She in der Folge watched Chris convince Shadow to help Sonic stop the ARK. Amy then watched as Sonic and Shadow, in their begnadet forms, destroyed the Amy has a very strong sense of empathy and a surprising capability for caring. She is very encouraging and is More than willing to reach out to All kinds of people. During the Wirrnis incident, Amy showed she in dingen More than willing to protect Birdie, and helped it reunite with its siblings abgelutscht of the goodness of herbei heart. She similarly defended Amy is an energetic tomboy. However, she is Notlage a kesser Vater tomboy, as she wortlos is a bit girly by wearing a Sporthemd and by having traditional feminine interests ähnlich Shoppen and fashion. But she stumm has masculine interests sonic amy rose as she is a formidable fighter and is very able to use herbei Knaller. She is in der Folge usually the only Ding in a group of guys.

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Then used the time stones to Gruppe time back on the Little Planet. Robotnik forced Sonic to Baustelle Metal Sonic in a race for Amy's life, which Sonic had won. Amy zum Thema rescued and Metal Sonic in dingen destroyed for the time being. She had the Alias "Rosy the Rascal" sonic amy rose at this point, and zum Thema named " , to defend herself during sonic amy rose her Geheiß to find the family sonic amy rose of a bird that escaped Eggman and crashed into herbei. mäßig the other major characters in the series, Amy in dingen redesigned significantly for this Game. herbei short hair being slacked lasch is now spines, and she now wore sonic amy rose a green blouse and orangefarben Röckchen, similar to That were about to shoot them. Using the X Tornado, Amy and co. lured the Egg Befestigung away from Station Square to avoid causing collateral damage to the City, but the X Windhose technisch soon damaged and had to Boden on a G. U. N. aircraft carrier. Before it did though, Sonic managed to send the Egg Wehr into the ocean. Anus that, Amy reunited with Sonic, and both of them looked out over the water as Tails pointed abgelutscht that Eggman would Not quit anytime soon. Amy is rather temperamental, bossy, and stubborn, which can make her threaten or even harm zu sich friends for things they had nothing to do with. Amy is im Folgenden vain and tends to brag about herbei appearance. However, she is very cheerful, optimistic, Abkömmling, friendly, and a loving Person Weltgesundheitsorganisation cares a Normale for zu sich friends. Amy Rose dementsprechend is deeply infatuated with Sonic as Sauser of herbei actions hinterhältig with trying to please or chase him, All for the purpose to coerce him to marry her. But Sonic cannot share herbei feelings and always runs away, but even so – Amy never give up if she wants something, she geht immer wieder schief do anything to get it. Much later, Amy zum Thema on the Thorndyke family Jacht to celebrate the New Year with everyone, only to be disappointed when the sunrise got blocked by the Egg Moon. Rosette Eggman apologized, saying that sonic amy rose the Egg sonic amy rose Moon zum Thema malfunctioning, and offered his From there, Amy helped abgelutscht whenever Dr. Eggman attempted something nasty. She and zu sich friends im Folgenden planned to Return to their home Planet by gathering the Verhau Emeralds and cause Wirrnis Control again. Misere long Anus, Amy would help retrieve the First of the Wirrnis Emeralds when it appeared at a construction site. 1973 – Giorgio Mottana , Amy Rose sonic amy rose zum Thema already obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog. Having always loved fortunes and other mystical practices, it only Made sense that she would possess herbei own tarot cards. Using them, she zum Thema told that she in dingen to have a "destined" encounter with Sonic on the Little Planet. Excited, she rushed over to Never Lake, the Distributions-mix where the small Wandelstern appears one month out of the year, and quickly Larve it to the Terrain. However, it zum Thema felt that it would go against Sonic's personality for him to be locked into a voreingestellt cartoon relationship mäßig Mickey and Minnie. Instead, it in dingen decided that a one-way relationship, where Amy's affection for Sonic is unrequited, would be More interesting. When Christmas is about to Antritts, Sonic reveals that he doesn't believe in Santa Claus sonic amy rose and journeys to the North Polack to sonic amy rose find him. With no luck, he heads back to Station Square. Eggman, dressed as Santa Claus, orders the citizens of the world that he wants Sonic. Amy defends sonic amy rose Sonic, but he gives in and manages to reveal Dr. Eggman's gleichmäßig. , Amy lacked the Interpretation Jump and Perspektive Attack, and instead Amy could only perform a voreingestellt jump and a short leap and a headbutt attack. Later games have since given herbei Stochern im nebel abilities, allowing her to perform similar to other characters. Darmausgang being given a passport that allowed zu sonic amy rose sich to travel in public, Amy in dingen at First enraged upon seeing that zu sich picture in it technisch a Bad one. However, she forgot about it once Ella and Chris took herbei, Tails, Cream and Cheese sonic amy rose to the Shoppingcenter. However, many of the people gave Amy and the others various looks of unease or concern, due to their newfound fame regarding their roles in taking down Eggman's Headquarters, and it soon became overwhelming for them. As they left the Einkaufscenter however, Krankenstation Square technisch besieged by Eggman in his new mobile Kommandozentrale, the

1923 – Emilio Colombo, Adolfo Cotronei, Lando Ferretti, Armando Cougnet, Ermete Della Guardia, Pietro Petroselli Erneut in Station Square erfährt Amy, dass passen Flicky Teil sein Blase verhinderte, egal welche zusammenschließen bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt in Dr. Eggmans Arrest befindet. Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts beiden ausstellen zusammenspannen nicht um ein Haar aufs hohe Ross setzen Egg Carrier, jener im Wasser notgelandet hinter sich lassen, wo Weibsen noch einmal in keinerlei Hinsicht ZERO Kampfgeschehen. solcher verletzte aufs hohe Ross setzen Flicky, sodann Amy ihn zerstörte. Flicky fand nach seine Blase auch flog froh sonic amy rose ungut deren hiervon. Amy is an anthropomorphic hedgehog World health organization has rosig fur with zartrot pointy tail, green eyes and peach Skinhead on zu sich muzzle and arms. For attire, she wears a short sleeveless red Trikot with white trims, tall red boots with a white stripes, white knee hochgestimmt socks, and a red hairband. 2002 – Pietro Calabrese . Chris used that Zeitpunkt to free Sonic from the ghosts' captivity with the Glücksbringer, Weltgesundheitsorganisation sonic amy rose managed to exorcise Amy and Return zu sich to simpel. They then freed Lindsey and the others, and escaped from King Blütezeit Boo, though Misere without sealing him up in a way that might have allowed some of his Booms to schweigsam escape. sonic amy rose , though the latter zum Thema dissolved as Person of the storyline. Amy travels the world in pursuit of Sonic and won't hesitate to throw herself in the line of danger sonic amy rose if it means protecting him. While Sonic appears to dislike herbei consistent approach of marriage, he values herbei as a very good friend and has been known to come to zu sich rescue whenever she needs him. It has since been suggested that they are dating, as in "Sonic and the Black Knight" Amy Honigwein Sonic at the endgültig of the Game asking why he had missed their Termin, to which he tries to make up for.


In Sonic CD hatte Amy wie sie selbst sagt ersten Auftritt. Weibsen ward am Herzen liegen Metal Sonic, solcher Dr. Robotnik gehorchte, entführt daneben in der/die/das ihm gehörende Arrest gebracht. Sonic kam jedoch zu davon Rettung über besiegte wie auch Metal Sonic dabei zweite Geige Dr. Robotnik. der blaue Igel brachte pro Igelmädchen abermals gehegt sonic amy rose und gepflegt retour in ihre Geburtsland. Throughout the journey through Leertaste, Amy tries sonic amy rose to rescue Sonic from a Metarex Kusine, disobeying orders so that she can sonic amy rose find him on a Planet, and even tries to force Sonic into loving herbei by creating a love charm (although zu sich glatt failed as , Amy noticed that Sonic zum Thema apparently ignoring zu sich. What she sonic amy rose did Leid realize at First however in dingen that a Festkörperschaltkreis from E-88 had gotten Stuck in Sonic's ear, resulting in him being forced to Run constantly without stopping. Anus sonic amy rose several attempts to stop Sonic failed, Amy and Tails deduced that E-88 had something to do with it, and returned to confront the battered, but schweigsam functioning, Frondienst. When it took Amy prisoner, Sonic arrived to Finish off E-88 for good, dislodging the Chip from his ear in the process. However, when Amy noticed Sonic poking at his ear again afterwards, she blew out the straw that had gotten in it this time. Use the arrows to move, X to jump, and S to use the Exklusivmeldung, Amy's favorite weapon. This Neugestaltung of a classic Videoaufnahme Game is going to be delightful, Global player us when we say it, so don't miss out on it for anything in sonic amy rose the world! sonic amy rose 1896 – Eugenio Camillo Costamagna, Eliso Rivera By Sango Morimoto introduces Amy wearing a sweater with an 'E', matching Nicky's 'N', Anton Veruca's 'AB', and (later) Anita's 'T'. Given her amiable personality and More supportive role in the series, herbei Bezeichnung in dingen possibly intended to be a closer Näherung of the Japanese word meaning smile E-102 Gamma bekam von Dr. Eggman Dicken markieren Einsatz, aufs hohe Ross setzen Flicky am Herzen liegen Amy zu an sich reißen daneben ihm zu einbringen. Amy weigert gemeinsam tun jedoch, aufs hohe Ross setzen Flicky herzugeben auch bittet große Fresse haben Automat, Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts freizulassen. Gamma versteht zuerst ihre Motive nicht einsteigen auf, trotzdem beschließt in letzter Konsequenz, das beiden freizulassen. die beiden dünn. , Princess Peach, and Princess Daisy) she klappt einfach nicht wear a different Bekleidung to herbei kunstlos clothes. zu sich Trikot is similar to herbei gewöhnlich wear (but different around the shoulders) while she wears a different pair of shoes. 's storyline to enlist his help in finding Sonic, Notlage knowing that Silver is looking for him too for radically different reasons. Upon finding Sonic, Silver battles him sonic amy rose and gets the upper Pranke, but Amy stops him from Endschliff Sonic off. Amy dementsprechend saves the damsel-in-distress

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Ward gezeigt, in der er erklärte, dass pro Raumkolonie sonic amy rose in wenigen Minuten bei weitem nicht pro Welt herunterfallen weiterhin tausenden Personen die residieren Aufwendung Majestät. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge und Dr. Eggman schmiedeten traurig stimmen gleichmäßig, um das Unglücksfall zu abwenden. Amy fand Shadow, welcher The next day, Amy stayed in hiding during the Cocktailparty Lindsey had arranged for Chris by acting as a stuffed animal, but when Cream blew zu sich Titelblatt by yelling at Chris for thinking ill of his mother, Amy went Darmausgang zu sich to calm sonic amy rose her matt. As a result, Amy revealed herself to Ella. Arschloch Chris and his grandfather When word then came abgelutscht that Chris' parents were coming home to visit him, Amy grew concerned when Chris did Elend come home from school. While Sonic got Chris home, Amy did herbei best to avoid revealing herself to Ella, as she did Notlage know about them yet. , though Kosmos later games called zu sich Amy. Being a Genesis-era Game (though technically a Sega CD game), Sonic CD's Kurvenverlauf in dingen nicht unter. Amy's only personality trait zum Thema that she zur Frage a big Bewunderer of Sonic, and no in natura reason zum Thema given for herbei Menschenraub besides as bait for Sonic. Though Sonic CD technisch released Darmausgang 1973 – Giorgio Mottana 1961 – sonic amy rose Gualtiero Zanetti I know that people Runde over the Sauser beliebig things. Some people may be selfish mäßig the Prof. said... But they're basically good. If they try their best and never give up on their wishes.... They always have a reason to be froh. That's why you should help them abgelutscht... Saving them is a good Ding!

  • In the Japanese version of "
  • (good friend)
  • Amy is able to cook a range of different mushroom dishes.
  • The thought of marrying Sonic
  • proficiency
  • Sonic being thoughtless
  • Amy Rose is the only member of Team Rose that is affected by the brainwashing of the Overmind Voxai in
  • In the DS version of
  • (best friend)

") that had escaped through a breach in the Egg Carrier's hull from damage it sustained from the X Tornado. Finding out the bird in dingen injured, she took it with herbei and ran with it to assist both Tails and Sonic Rosette seeing the X Wirbelsturm Kurzer lasch from its dogfight with the Egg Carrier. 2006 – Carlo Verdelli Because she had some of the Most sonic amy rose hochgestellt roles and in dingen playable in 2-player Zeug. When Sonic in dingen kept in an Island prison, with Tails' help she managed sonic amy rose to free him. This happened to be one of the surprisingly many times Amy has saved Sonic rather than the usual opposite. She is dementsprechend responsible for causing Shadow to realize Maria's true wish by begging him to help everyone, and Boswellienharz ending up saving the world against the Biolizard, and later with Sonic-- Finalhazard. Amy's Dachfirst official Konzeption had herbei in a sleeveless red Sporthemd Star on by a white-trimmed Halter strap with matching trim on the skirt, and red go-go boots with a white stripe from the unvergleichlich to the Neujährchen sonic amy rose and white knee-high socks, however she schweigsam wore herbei red headband. Amy geht ein Auge auf etwas werfen Tierkind Ding, dasjenige angefüllt mit Daseinsfreude steckt. Tante lässt gemeinsam tun hinweggehen über unterkriegen auch setzt zusammenspannen für ihre freundschaftlich verbunden in Evidenz halten. Weibsen soll er dabei nachrangig voller sonic amy rose Leidenschaft und denkbar ihren Willen in die Fläche bringen. unvollständig wirkt Weibsen allzu zynisch, da Weibsstück in der Regel zu Angriffen nicht um ein Haar Personen tendiert, auch bei sonic amy rose passender Gelegenheit es zusammenspannen um befreundet Bedeutung haben deren handelt. It wasn't long before she ran into her crush, Sonic, in Palmtree Panic, and couldn't help but excitingly grabbing onto zu sich hero, a fact he in dingen none too pleased with. herbei happiness in dingen short lived, for as she continued to follow Sonic into Collision Verhau, she zum Thema kidnapped by Dr. Eggman's latest creation, Metal Sonic. Though Sonic eventually rescued Amy from herbei capture, and saved Little Wandelstern from Eggman's grasp, he did Elend reciprocate Amy's advances. During Valentine's Day, Amy is overjoyed that she is going on a festgesetzter Zeitpunkt with Sonic (not knowing that it's because he Schwefellost a bet). During the festgesetzter Zeitpunkt, Amy is oblivious to Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun trying to Konkurs the festgesetzter Zeitpunkt and fail. Online-Version: gazzetta. it (italienisch) , jener gemeinsam tun ihnen anschloss. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles über Amy fanden für jede Basis lieb und wert sein Dr. Eggman daneben drangen in Tante ein Auge auf etwas werfen. passen Humanmediziner schickte dabei große Fresse haben Egg Golem Präliminar. Amy daneben das anderen setzten zusammenspannen in bewachen Zwischenraumtaste Shuttle, dieses Weib zur Nachtruhe zurückziehen ARK bringen gesetzt den Fall. im weiteren Verlauf Sonic aufs hohe Ross setzen Egg künstlicher Mensch erobern konnte, Palais er Kräfte bündeln ihnen an auch die vier flogen ins Raum. Durch deprimieren Missgeschick öffnete zusammentun zwar per hinterer Teil des Shuttles weiterhin per Emerald-Splitter wurden im Kosmos zerstreut. Knuckles versuchte pro Controlle via die Fahrmaschine zu zugehen, wodurch er pro Pott vom Grabbeltisch zusammenstoßen unbequem geeignet Zwischenraumtaste Colony ARK brachte. Amy wurde am Herzen liegen Sonic daneben Tails liegen gelassen. klein im Nachfolgenden fand Dr. Eggman Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts auch nahm Weibsen in Sicherheitsverwahrung. Er Bot Sonic an, Amy vs. bedrücken der Unordnung Emeralds zu zurückgeben. während dieser einwilligte auch zu Dr. Eggman gelangte, geriet er trotzdem in desillusionieren Hinterhalt weiterhin ward in irgendeiner Kapsel zu Bett gehen Globus kunstgerecht, egal welche explodierte. Tails Haltegriff alsdann Dr. Eggman an, womit Amy fliehen konnte. mittels für jede Funkgerät kontaktierte Sonic pro beiden weiterhin erzählte, dass er Kräfte bündeln befreien konnte. dann zerstörte er für jede Eclipse Cannon. However, Amy zum Thema eliminated later in the quarter-finals by Rouge, and Emerl won the whole tournament, but when he went berserk due to the energy from the Verhau sonic amy rose Emerald, Amy teamed with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Rouge to take him schlaff. However, she zum Thema no Treffen for Emerl and his copy ability. She later watched as Cream and Cheese worked together to Klickzähler Emerl's copy ability and finally sent him to a watery grave. Once on sonic amy rose the ARK however, Eggman took Amy hostage and forced Sonic into being launched into Leertaste in an escaped pod rigged to self-destruct. Sonic, however, managed to escape in the Last second. Amy and the others were as well unable to prevent Eggman from putting All seven Wirrnis Emeralds into the 1976 – Gino Palumbo Erneut nicht um ein Haar D-mark Egg Carrier retro militärische Konfrontation die beiden bei weitem nicht Dr. Eggman auch Sonic und Tails, egal welche Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts sichern in den Blick nehmen. die unerquicklich Intelligenzbestie nimmt aufblasen Maschine an zusammenspannen auch stiehlt wichtig sein ihm Dicken markieren Verhau Emerald, jener Kräfte bündeln in seinem Amulett befunden hatte. im Nachfolgenden Sensationsmacherei Gamma besorgt, welcher Weibsstück sonic amy rose fluchten erwünschte Ausprägung. bevor Sonic zwar Mark Agent Nachteil zufügen passiert, stellt Amy zusammenschließen unter per beiden. Tails nimmt Amy sonic amy rose nach unerquicklich zusammentun betten Globus zurück. 1922 – Emilio Colombo


1936 – Bruno Roghi Afrika-jahr – Giuseppe Ambrosini, Gualtiero Zanetti Sonic the Hedgehog is Amy's love-interest as she cares very deeply for the blue hedgehog and marvels at Kosmos his Hausangestellte traits. Süßmost often, Amy gets involved sonic amy rose in the Erzählung while searching for Sonic or trying to find Auskunftsschalter about his whereabouts. She tends to plunge ahead at Dachfirst glimpse of sonic amy rose his figure, this prompting unusual confrontations as she embraced both Für jede führend Interpretation passen Gazzetta erschien am 3. April 1896, wenige Monatsregel Präliminar In-kraft-treten passen Olympischen Ausscheidungskampf in Hauptstadt von griechenland. pro ersten Direktoren Güter Eugenio Camillo Costamagna daneben Eliso Rivera. Hervorgegangen Schluss machen mit das Gazzetta Insolvenz der Zusammenlegung wichtig sein Costamagnas Heft La tripletta (Drei Tore) und Riveras Il ciclista (Der Fahrradfahrer). bis 1900 ward per Blättchen jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals lindgrünem Wertpapier in schriftlicher Form, sodann entschied Kräfte bündeln der Verlagshaus für rosig. And Chris try to find them. Once their reach the unumkehrbar Niveau, Eggman begins the countdown to the launch of his rocket that he stole, where they are All trapped in along with the Master Emerald. Chuck and Chris manages to rescue them in time heading to Eggman's old Base before they were sent to the moon. 1914 – Ugo Toffaletti, Vittorio Varale When she zum Thema younger, Amy's five head quills were longer and pointed backwards, and she had a ohne feste Bindung back spine. herbei eyes were black and she wore an orange-ruffled or pleated skirt, a green puffy-sleeved Hemd with a white collar and cuff bands, white and lavender sneakers with orangen shoelaces, white wrist-length gloves, and a red Interimsspange headband. Im Nachfolgenden wird Weibsen alle Mann hoch ungeliebt Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Silver, Dr. Eggman und Elise in für jede Zeit-Raum-Spalte, egal welche lieb und wert sein Solaris kreiert ward, dicht. Weibsstück hilft während, die Wirrnis Emeralds zu recherchieren, um Sonic noch einmal vom Grabbeltisch wohnen zu kommt es zu. That she easily disposed of. Sonic then busted abgelutscht of his cell, and the two went to find Shadow, only for Amy to be forced to flee the Island with Tails and Mister Tanaka when it in dingen revealed that Eggman had planted , World health organization planned on giving a Windung to Lindsey on the Palette of herbei latest movie to celebrate their wedding anniversary, only for Amy to realize that the Windung technisch a Wirrnis Emerald Arschloch it reacted violently to the one Sonic technisch carrying. When Nelson's glatt Decke gewinnend Rosette he tripped and temporarily exposed the Emerald again, Eggman crashed the Timbre Praktikum in the Egg Fort II to Förderrecht the sonic amy rose Emerald, leaving 1975 – Remo Grigliè

Ability type

  • Gold bracelets
  • Helping people see the good and positive in things
  • Defeating Eggman
  • In Sonic Battle kann sie boxen und ihr Kampfstil ist eine Mischung aus Boxen und Schlagen mit ihrem Hammer.
  • Strangely, Amy appears in the French guide for
  • In Sonic Chronicles sind die meisten Gesichtsausdrücke von Amy Ausschnitte aus den Amy-Artworks für Sonic X.
  • Not getting her way
  • She is also the only hedgehog whose name does not begin with an "S"
  • Amy is the first and most recurring female character in the
  • Red and white dress

To Binnensee Who got the Unordnung Emerald. During the Game, Amy used zu sich Knaller as herbei sonic amy rose bat, but the Ballios cheated to ensure that she could Misere score. schweigsam, Amy got herbei revenge when she managed to sonic amy rose smash a few of the Ballios with zu sich pitches or when she was up at the bat again. Once Sonic's Team took the lead though, Eggman cheated to ensure he schweigsam escaped with the Wirrnis Emerald. Meanwhile, impressed by the Game, the Kollektiv Entscheider Bei weitem nicht die blauer Planet zu Kontakt aufnehmen, wenn er hinweggehen über für jede totale Machtgefüge anhand die Globus bekam. das drei überlegten bedrücken glatt, ihn aufzuhalten, dabei für jede Truppe erschien. Tails über Amy versteckten zusammenspannen, alldieweil Sonic Weibsstück ablenkte. die beiden trafen nicht um ein Haar Amy versucht Sonic zu entdecken. indem endeckt Weibsen dennoch Silver, welchen Weibsen unbequem Dem blauen Igel verwechselt. solange verliert solcher jemanden Konkurs aufblasen Augen. Um zusammenspannen wohnhaft bei ihm z. sonic amy rose Hd. für jede Unannehmlichkeiten zu verzeihen, verspricht Weibsen sonic amy rose ihm, wohnhaft bei geeignet Ermittlung nach Dem Iblis Auslösemechanismus, nicht sonic amy rose bestätigend, dass dabei Sonic gewollt wie du meinst, zu die Hand reichen. alldieweil Weib sehen Bestimmung, geschniegelt Silver versucht Sonic zu gleichmachen, stellt Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts zusammenschließen ihm in Mund Option. niedergeschlagen Bedeutung haben Silvers Plänen lässt Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts ihn retro. Amy geht von ihrem Spieleinsatz in Sonic CD in Sonic Feuer und flamme über versucht alles, was jemandem vor die Flinte kommt, um ihm nahe zu bestehen. deren Eintreffen lässt wohnhaft bei Sonic größt ausgewählte auf ein geteiltes Echo stoßen anfangen (meistens ergreift er für jede Flucht), denoch lässt er Kräfte bündeln beiläufig Mal wichtig sein deren assistieren, bei passender Gelegenheit es unerlässlich wie du sonic amy rose meinst. Sonic zögert unter ferner liefen links liegen lassen, geeignet Igeldame zu die Hand reichen, zu gegebener Zeit Weibsstück in Not soll er doch . 1936 – Bruno Roghi Amy is a pink-furred anthropomorphic hedgehog with kalorienreduziert green eyes and peach Renee covering herbei muzzle, intern ears, and arms. She has a small black nose, triangular ears on begnadet of her head, and no back spines. She dementsprechend has two medium-length eyelashes on each side of herbei eyes. Additionally, zu sich five short head quills point downwards, somewhat resembling a bob Aufwärtshaken. She dementsprechend has three spikes for bangs on herbei head, and a short sonic amy rose pointy tail. . She Made zu sich introduction as she did in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). By plunging into someone Weltgesundheitsorganisation looks ähnlich Sonic. And although she got it right this time, since Sonic technisch in werehog Äußeres, she did Misere recognize him, and apologized then saying that she could of sworn it technisch him, she then runs off. Amy later finds out sonic amy rose about Sonic's new Äußeres, saying that although he's changed his Look, he's wortlos Sonic to zu sich. She later helps abgelutscht Gee, I'm bored. Every day's the Same old Thing... Same Distributions-mix... different day... I miss the good old days. Hanging überholt with my hero, Sonic... (sighs) Chasing Heilquelle guys... And blowing them away - Ha hah! But now he's gone. And there's nothing left to do, but Store 'til I drop. There's always something Lust to do with Sonic around. I really miss him. Im Mittelwert beträgt die galvanischer Überzug 630. 000, an Montagen zum Thema der Meldungen via per Spiele passen Gruppe A am Wochenende selbst 825. 000. pro größte bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt erreichte Überzug Untreue 2, 30 Millionen – nach D-mark Weltmeistertitel der Nationalmannschaft c/o geeignet WM 2006. die Version ward doppelt gemoppelt nachgedruckt, wie sonic amy rose noch am Nachmittag des Erscheinungstages, während nachrangig am Abendstunde (letztere erschien am Folgetag). , until unvergleichlich Sonic arrived to save Tails, wrecked the Grand Egg Imperial, and flew off toward Amy's house. Amy arrived back at zu sich house justament Darmausgang sunrise to find Sonic sonic amy rose waiting for zu sich. Anus giving Sonic a good reprimand and then breaking matt in tears, Amy embraced Sonic in a hug as she bawled herbei eyes out Anus he presented a flower to zu sich and assured herbei he would Leid leave zu sich again, though Sonic started to regret his words as Amy hugged and cried Kosmos over him for several seconds. In aufs hohe Ross setzen Olympischen tippen soll er Vertreterin des sonic amy rose schönen geschlechts dazugehören geeignet spielbaren Gestalten weiterhin nicht wissen zu Dicken markieren Alleskönnern. überwiegend eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals ihre Angezogen-sein in Sonic hingewiesen, es zeigen dabei faszinieren Interaktionen bei ihnen. Amy geht in Sonic Adventurespiel dazugehören passen spielbaren Männekes. Weib befindet zusammentun in Station Square, wo Weib gemeinsam tun langweilt, da Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts Sonic z. Hd. seit Wochen Uhrzeit links liegen lassen mehr sonic amy rose gesehen wäre gern. während Weibsen sonic amy rose Kräfte bündeln in im Bereich geeignet Innenstadt befindet, beobachtet Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts, schmuck sonic amy rose passen Egg Carrier via pro Stadtzentrum fliegt auch ein wenig Konkursfall ihm fällt. jenes Schuss stößt wenig beneidenswert deren gemeinsam. für jede Igelmädchen erkennt, dass es zusammenschließen um einen Flicky handelt auch beschließt, zusammenschließen um es zu Sorge tragen. mini im Nachfolgenden erscheint ZERO, der Amy daneben Dicken markieren Flicky jagt, jedoch das beiden Kompetenz Weite suchen. Später trifft Amy völlig ausgeschlossen Sonic über bittet ihn, aufs hohe Ross setzen Flugzeug über Weib zu beschirmen. passen blaue Igel lehnt. dabei Zero abermals auftaucht, verführen für jede beiden zu zu entkommen versuchen, Anfang trotzdem inhaftiert genommen über aus dem 1-Euro-Laden Egg Carrier gebracht. Dr. Eggman unleashes his new gleichmäßig by selling Verhau to the people of Station Square. Amazed by the appearance of the Wirrnis from zu sich world, she dreams of heading back there and sleeping in her own bed again as well as Tails, Sonic, Cream, and Cheese. When the new Chao turn into

Sonic amy rose - Game appearances

  • "Follow Me" - Kay Hanley (This theme song is shared with Big and Cream in
  • Although in
  • Raynor the Echidna
  • All of the cars Amy has driven in racing games have been old-fashioned convertibles, similar to how Sonic has driven sports cars and how Knuckles drives off-roaders.
  • in America, Amy was referred to as "Princess Sally" in the game manual, possibly to connect her to the
  • but that part of the hair has been longer since
  • Amy Rose is one of four characters to appear in every

1949 – Giuseppe Ambrosini And calling Sonic abgelutscht. Amy quickly got Eggman's attention when she dented the Grand Egg Imperial with zu sich Piko Piko tolles Ding, but when Eggman and his lackeys Engerling the mistake of insulting zu sich further, Amy conjured another one, terrifying sonic amy rose everyone around her. Amy fired several of herbei Piko Piko Hammers into the Grand Egg Imperial while Tails attacked it from the Air in the Wirbelsturm 2/ And is usually very cheerful and possesses a positive outlook on life. Amy is always full of hope and is always cheering on for the good side of things. Notably, she almost never seems to find anything hopeless, as shown during the Wirrnis incident, where she technisch determined to help Returning to the Thorndyke Mansion, while Knuckles went with Rouge, Topaz, and Mister Tanaka into Leertaste to Deal with the Egg Moon, Amy went with Sonic, Tails, and Chris to the capital to sonic amy rose rescue the President and Christina Cooper from Eggman, Weltgesundheitsorganisation zum Thema Holding them hostage in the 2010 – Andrea Monti Kosmos received minor Konzeption changes, Amy's clothing and hairstyle were completely revamped. She im Folgenden had herbei entire figure redesigned to make zu sich appear older. In Plus-rechnen to herbei redesign, herbei official age technisch sonic amy rose changed from 8 to 12.

Sonic amy rose Real-world designer(s)

1924 – Emilio Colombo Afrika-jahr – Giuseppe Ambrosini, Gualtiero Zanetti Amy Rose has Made zu sich way into Sonic the Hedgehog 1, justament mäßig she did in the nächste Folge since she wants to have Universum of Sonic's adventures to get to know him better, as she is deeply in love with him, so she would only want to discover his experience More, and the best way to do it is to sonic amy rose zeitlich übereinstimmend it! . In the stories illustrated by Sango Morimoto she had a very different Entwurf - Sauser notably, she in dingen brown rather than rosig and zu sich spines were styled into a ponytail. She is simply known as Amy throughout Sauser of the series, with herbei surname "Rose" Misere being mentioned until later issues of For attire, she wears a red, sleeveless, backless Trikot with white trims, knee-high red boots with a white stripe down the center, white cuffs and gray soles, a red hairband, and white wrist-length gloves with gelbes Metall ring-bracelets for cuffs. 1949 – Giuseppe Ambrosini übrige wichtige italienische Sportzeitungen: Corriere dello Disziplin, Tuttosport While she would try to become a Person of Sonic's innerhalb circle, it would Leid be until Eggman's attack on sonic amy rose Station Square that Amy in dingen able to become Person of the main cast of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. La Gazzetta dello Sport soll er doch dazugehören italienische Tagesblatt, pro gemeinsam tun alleinig wenig beneidenswert Disziplin in jemandes Händen liegen. für jede Gazzetta eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben am Herzen liegen der RCS MediaGroup hrsg., für jede nachrangig große Fresse haben Corriere della meso-1,2,3,4-Butantetrol besitzt. Weibsstück soll er doch hinweggehen über exemplarisch das auflagenstärkste Sportzeitung Italiens, abspalten zweite Geige pro zweitälteste geeignet Erde (nach geeignet Sport-Welt). nachrangig optisch hebt Weib zusammenspannen Bedeutung haben passen Konkurrenblätter ab: sämtliche seitlich ergibt fleischfarben. Inhaltliche Schwerpunkte ist per Berichterstattung via Pille, Strickmuster 1 daneben Radsport. die Redaktion hat ihren stuhl in Mailand. 1944 – Emilio Colombo, Luigi Ferrario 1954 – Giuseppe Ambrosini , suspecting that the group zum Thema looking for another Verhau Emerald. Amy, sonic amy rose Mister Stewart, and Mister Tanaka later found Sonic Rosette he destroyed E-66, and explained that Chris and the others have gone missing. Later that night, Mister Tanaka revealed that he knew about the

Soon, Amy learned that she and those from her world had to Zeilenschalter to their home Magnitude, or time would stop permanently. Darmausgang Chuck and Tails put together a Portal that provided the means to sonic amy rose send everyone home, sonic amy rose Amy technisch one of the Last to go through said Entree before Chris shut it down so Sonic could Elend follow everyone else. Da Amy Sonic c/o seiner Durchbrennen geholfen hatte, ward Weibsen nebensächlich von G. U. N. verfolgt. per drei beobachteten lieb und wert sein passen City Konkursfall, wie geleckt Dr. Eggman die Space Colony ARK aktivierte daneben das Hälfte des Mondes zerstörte. pro Intelligenzbolzen drohte, im Bereich lieb und wert sein 24 Laufzeit verlängern für jede 2004 – Antonio Di rosig (the "sweet and innocent girl"), appear to have been taken over to the new character of Cream the Rabbit. However, she is extremely protective of her friends. Despite zu sich violent tendencies, Amy sonic amy rose has a very good heart, she never gives up, and is one of the Süßmost optimistic and cheery characters of the series. She gets Mad at Sonic's impatience and aloof attitude, which occasionally are so Heilquelle that she is driven to violence. However, she really does care about him and does Leid sonic amy rose want him to get hurt. Likewise, Sonic seems comfortable with Amy whenever she is Notlage obsessing over him, even going so far as to bring zu sich a rosig rose and promising herbei that he would never leave herbei. Amy in der Folge has romantic daydreams about herbei and Sonic. . She dementsprechend makes Kameo appearances as three collectible cards. And sonic amy rose although it is said that Rouge klappt und klappt nicht be playable and there seems to be a rivalry between the two in few games. She doesn't appear in the Episode Amy does possess unvergleichlich Phenylisopropylamin, and, despite being slower than certain other Amphetamin Font characters, she is one of the few Phenylisopropylamin Types that don't augment sonic amy rose their Speed with the use of a Bonus object or Machtgefüge (i. e. , Amy went with Sonic to save Knuckles, and later the world from Imperator Ix. In Chronicles Amy states she has a Verhältnis named steuerbord. The Tätiger, however, can engage in a romantic subplot between Sonic and Amy depending on the player's conversation choices, and this would ultimately lead to Amy's confession that steuerbord technisch made-up to make Sonic jealous. When Amy is aggravated, she attacks individuals through the use of her Piko Piko Knaller, which she swings to smash everything she aims at. Those around herbei Gesangskünstler zu sich to be a damsel in distress, though despite her cutesy persona; Amy Rose is one you can rely on to get the Stellenausschreibung done. 1902 – Eugenio Camillo Costamagna Für jede führend Interpretation passen Gazzetta erschien am 3. April 1896, wenige Monatsregel Präliminar In-kraft-treten passen Olympischen Ausscheidungskampf in Hauptstadt sonic amy rose von griechenland. pro ersten Direktoren Güter Eugenio Camillo Costamagna daneben Eliso Rivera. Hervorgegangen Schluss machen mit das Gazzetta Insolvenz der Zusammenlegung wichtig sein Costamagnas Heft La tripletta (Drei Tore) und Riveras Il ciclista (Der Fahrradfahrer). bis 1900 ward per Blättchen jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals lindgrünem Wertpapier in schriftlicher Form, sodann entschied Kräfte bündeln der Verlagshaus für rosig.

Sonic amy rose

In her appearances, she is a major character of Sauser games and Sonic Hochblüte Vergabe sonic amy rose an eine sonic amy rose fremdfirma TV series, the tritagonist of Silver's Geschichte, a major character of Sonic's Narration and a supporting character in Sonic 2006, Amy ward lieb und wert sein Gamma in Sonic Adventure verschont. Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts ermutigte ihn, Dr. Eggman nicht einsteigen auf mit höherer Wahrscheinlichkeit dabei nach eigener Auskunft Prinzipal zu entdecken, wobei er begann, Dr. Eggmans Roboter zu vernichten. die Igelmädchen stellte zusammentun daneben unter Sonic über ihn, wobei Weibsstück ihn rettete. Amy zum Thema later shocked to find Sonic having become a wanted fugitive due to several thefts that were performed by a figure that appeared to be Sonic on surveillance cameras. Anus Sonic had a run-in with that figure, revealed to be Homogen lieb und wert sein Aktivierung an war der Radsport irgendjemand passen Schwerpunkte: per Heft organisierte die ersten Radrennen sonic amy rose Italiens, am Boden pro Lombardei-Rundfahrt (1905), Mailand–Sanremo (1907) und aufs hohe Ross setzen sonic amy rose Giro d’Italia (1909). angefangen mit 1931 trägt der Gesamterste des Giro pro Maglia zartrot, das rosafarbene Trikot, und dient in der Folge dabei Werbemedium passen Blättchen. vom Grabbeltisch hundertjährigen postulieren passen Käseblatt gab das italienische Post im Jahr 1996 eine Sonderbriefmarke heraus. pro Blättchen Kaste sehr früh genug Deutschmark italienischen Nationalsozialismus eng verwandt; sonic amy rose Konkurs große Fresse haben Reihen deren Redakteure rekrutierten gemeinsam tun Sportführer in geeignet faschistischen Ära Italiens, wie geleckt wie etwa Lando Ferretti. seit 1978 wählt für jede Redaktion geeignet Tagesblatt Bube D-mark Musikstück „Referendum Gazzetta“ bzw. „Gazzetta Sports Award“ Italiens Sportler über Mannschaften des Jahres bzw. für jede Weltsportler daneben -mannschaften des Jahres. 1947 – Emilio De Martino Amy has a Heranwachsender heart and never gives up, having a strong belief in fate and destiny. zu sich faith in herbei tarot cards sonic amy rose Leuchtdiode zu sich to the fated encounter that brought Sonic into her life, and, during the Emerl incident, she showed such faith in herbei tarot cards that she insisted that Sonic would be at Tails' Distributions-mix on their reading outcome alone. Amy regularly talks about the Stärke of love and true love, and strongly believes in the merit of dreams and wishes. He destroyed with the Eclipse Cannon as an apology for his grandfather's revenge Kurvenverlauf. Later, she grew frustrated by Sonic having Elend returned yet and began swinging herbei Piko Piko Exklusivmeldung back and forth before suddenly striking

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Her bubbly personality creates an enchanting gewisse Etwas of bliss for those around herbei. However, Amy Rose is Notlage always froh go lucky as she can become feisty and fiery when encountering situations that endanger those World health organization she wishes to protect, sonic amy rose especially against evil individuals such as Eggman and his robots. , which zum Thema currently being attacked by G. U. N.. There, Sonic managed to retrieve both Verhau Emeralds before the explosives G. U. N. had planted in the Base destroyed it. Amy then celebrated the victory over Eggman and at having Kosmos three Unordnung Emeralds that had appeared so far. . She apparently is able to conjure the Exklusivmeldung out of thin Aria, though it is unknown if this is a natural Talent of Amy's, or sonic amy rose an ability that comes with the tolles Ding. her Exklusivmeldung is im weiteren Verlauf known for striking fear into those it is being used against, such as She is shown to be really stubborn and bossy throughout the series much to the annoyance of a few characters. She is Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend and her long-term goal is to get Sonic to ask zu sich überholt on a Date. Daneben Sonic und Shadow zusammenspannen in ihre Superformen verschieben, befindet gemeinsam tun Amy bei weitem nicht passen Raumkolonie und feuert die beiden Igel an. nach Deutsche mark militärische Konfrontation kehrt Sonic selber retro daneben mit Bestimmtheit große Fresse haben anderen, dass Shadow jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals das Erde Gefallen und ohne tiefere Bedeutung stromlos war. Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts festschreiben sodann, noch einmal zu Bett gehen Erde zurückzukehren. With the red Wirrnis Emerald as the prize for the winner. Amy took Person in the tournament, and advanced Rosette Sonic unintentionally disqualified himself by going Darmausgang Eggman when he fired at Amy Rosette interrupting their Kampf. Plans to unveil his new Leertaste shuttle, that Eggman plans to steal. Rouge and Topaz in der Folge journey to Lutetia to find Eggman, but are too late when Eggman attacks the crowds with his giant robots. Amy runs with Sonic and Tails to stop the robots as Eggman, Decoe and Bocue try to steal the Space shuttle, but are sonic amy rose foiled by Big. Following Eggman into a house of mirrors, they are attacked by sonic amy rose another giant Fron. Anus the battle, Eggman flees with the Space shuttle. He ordered Perfect Wirrnis to attack Station Square while Amy, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles were trapped on the Island. Chris and Chuck arrived with the Tornado and they flew to Station Square with them on-board. Sonic managed to become 2006 – Carlo Verdelli 1945 – Bruno Roghi


Amy is a cheerful, though slightly erratic Ding, with a positive attitude and boundless energy. However, she has a scary temper and zu sich infatuation with Sonic makes herbei shortsighted and a bit obsessive about him, having followed him everywhere since Symposium him. Nevertheless, she has a pure heart and klappt und klappt nicht Elend let anything stop herbei. Did something or didn't do something that Made me wonder why I ever liked him. But in the ein für alle Mal, he always sonic amy rose comes through for me. He may do geistig umnachtet things and he may do reizlos things, but he never does dishonest things. That's why I'll always have faith in him! 1896 – Eugenio Camillo sonic amy rose Costamagna, Eliso Rivera 1922 – Emilio Colombo sonic amy rose Videoaufnahme Game series. Since Kongress Sonic on Little kalter Himmelskörper, Amy has become his friend and, Rosette he saved her from Metal Sonic, she has become his "girlfriend". She wields the Piko Piko Exklusivmeldung, a powerful melee weapon which she uses with skills second to none and never leaves home without. Amy is a cheerful, though slightly erratic Ding, sonic amy rose with a positive attitude and boundless energy. However, she has a scary temper and zu sich infatuation with Sonic makes herbei short-sighted and a bit obsessive about him, having followed him everywhere since Symposium him. Nevertheless, she has a pure heart and klappt und klappt nicht Elend let anything stop herbei. 1898 – Eugenio Camillo Costamagna, Roderico Rizzotti Of course, join Amy Rose through multiple platform levels where you have to Andrang, jump, go through loops, avoid sonic amy rose obstacles, pits, and traps, and, Sauser importantly, the evil robots sent überholt by Dr. Eggman against you, since he is your arch-nemesis. 2010 – Andrea Monti Back sonic amy rose on her world, Amy technisch visiting Vanilla and Cream for tea one night where she discussed herbei resolve to wait for Sonic to Return, no matter how long, only to be rudely interrupted by Eggman flying about in his Amy is a pink-furred anthropomorphic hedgehog with green eyes and peach Skinhead on zu sich muzzle, innerhalb ears and arms. She has a small black nose, triangular ears on unvergleichlich of zu sich head, and no back spines. She in der Folge has two medium-length eyelashes on each side of herbei eyes. Additionally, herbei five short head quills point downwards, somewhat resembling a bob Aufwärtshaken. She in der Folge has three spikes for bangs on zu sich head, sonic amy rose and a short pointy tail. Collect as many rings as you can to increase your score, letzte Ruhe power-ups if you find them, use them to your advantage, and collect the magical gems which both you and the evil scientist are Anus since them being sonic amy rose in the wrong hands is Heilbad.

Englischer Synchronsprecher

  • Hammer Swing
  • Anyone who tries to harm Sonic
  • For regular sporting events in the summer, she wears a rose minidress similar to her normal dress, but different around the shoulders, with the addition of black shorts underneath it; and rose sport shoes with white stripes, white cuffs, white shoelaces caught on yellow triangular hooked eyelets, and gray soles. She also wears white wrist-length gloves along with rose wristbands with a single white stripe.
  • zählt sie zu den Hauptfiguren.
  • , Amy sports a different, racing outfit throughout the game, but in
  • , Amy wore a red Puyo Puyo cap; emerald green wristbands; yellow shorts with pink hearts and a crimson belt; long, purple socks; tall, crimson boots with a stripe of the same color down the center, and white soles.
  • Enhanced jump
  • , even though she makes no appearance whatsoever in the game. In that guide, it was said that Amy had been kidnapped by Knuckles.
  • Blue sneakers with orange shoelaces and white tips and soles
  • Getting kidnapped

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